DWP45:FFW – How It Works

What is it?

A Twitterblitz similar to our #ProjV campaign, DWP45:FFW follows up on our recent “Left Out in the Cold” initiative. The government and media persist with propaganda about people with disabilities being “scroungers” and overt suggestions that the majority are deliberately avoiding employment. FFW particularly addresses the very real challenges people with disabilities face with work. However, because of the preponderance of “gloom and doom,” we wanted to create an opportunity for fun in addition to the usual seriousness.


  • 1 tweet at a time
  • Ensure the use of a hashtag, otherwise we won’t see your tweet
  • Not more than 140 characters
  • Start: Friday, 08 April 2011 – NOON
  • Ends: Sunday, 10 April 2011 – 18:00
  • A DWP : FFW website is under development at https://fitforwork.wordpress.com. As with #ProjV, #DWP45 #fitforwork will be an ongoing concern.



SATIRE: The 140 Character Twitter Commandments of the Powers-That-Be. Admonishments to push we scroungers off of the internet and into *acceptable* work. Much-needed #funfriday levity – but we’ll take them as long as you can thing of them!

Examples (previous tweets under a hashtag-that-shall-not-be-named)

  • Sale of PCs to the disabled banned. If you can use it, you’re not sick enough for benefits
  • Stephen hawking has a job and can use a computer… He is our benchmark to which we gauge…
  • That deaf, dumb and blind kid who plays a mean pin ball. If he can do that, he can do a proper job
  • Disabled by paranoia? Yet another great qualification for writing for the Daily Mail.
  • The deaf to be employed in all customer contact services for the DWP
  • People with multiple personality disorders can easily take on more than one job


140 Character Twitter narratives from people with disabilities about what it really means to be *fit for work*, contrary to the assertions by government, media and the general public.  Examples can be found on the TBofB Blog


Musical food for the soul; the balm the soothes and lifts us up – #tbofbsoulfoodsaturday suggested by TBofB Supporter Jade A-S Wilson

Note: also check out the TBofB MusicalMotivation Playlist on YouTube where we will add these submissions.


The “standard” hashtag for TBofB-related tweets


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